Welcome to Clark Chemical’s Inc. I hope you find our website informative. We manufacture and sell a variety of carwash chemicals including carpet shampoo, car wax, tire dressing, carwash soap and armor-alls.

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From I-10, exit Highway 62/Bridge City. We will be on the right approximately 2 miles. From Highway 87, turn on Highway 62. We will be approximately 2.6 miles on the left just past the Highway 105 intersection.

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About Us

Clark & Co. has been diligently serving the greater Southeast Texas region since 1992. We don’t claim to be smarter than the other guy, but we try very hard to make sure our products save our customers either time, money, or both. Throughout the years we have learned from our customers what does and doesn’t work in the industry. We heed this advice, then grow and adapt with the gained wisdom. The outcome is a finely tuned product base delivering our customer great returns on their investment. We have not stopped learning nor will we ever since this is an ever-evolving industry. At the end of the day, our customers are what keeps clothes on our backs and food on the table. Our customers are the greatest! Clark & Co. is a manufacturer of commercial/industrial chemicals. We sell our products through our distributor network, route sales, and walk-in service (call first suggested for walk-ins). We specialize in car wash chemicals for self-serve/automatic car wash systems and detail products for the novice/professional detailer. Other industries we service are body shops, car dealerships, sporting, auto repair/lube, among others.

Detail Supply

Car Wash Formulations/Automotive Detailing

Clark & Company is one of the leading Automotive Chemical Companies that manufacture a complete line of Tunnel, Rollover, Express, and Self Serve car wash chemicals. Clark & Company also manufactures a complete line of Automotive and Reconditioning chemicals for the Car Care Professional. Clark & Company is a home grown local business and innovator in the car care industry. We ensure quality products, order accuracy, and a quick response time. Clark & Company has a long-standing commitment to bringing exciting new products to the market place. Our Research and Development department not only create innovative chemical formulations, but also perform Quality Analysis where all products are subjected to rigorous standards followed by extensive field testing by qualified, Industrial professionals. This system ensures that our customers receive consistent quality products manufactured to exact industry proven specifications. We understand that our customer’s needs, expectations and car wash equipment are constantly evolving. This is why we are continually developing new chemistry to maintain our cutting-edge technology.


Commercial Green

(Multi-functional cleaner.  Safe for all surfaces.) 

Purple D

(Easy rinse degreaser and cleaner for floors and other hard surfaces.)


(Alkaline mixture formulated for degreasing hard surfaces.)


(Highly alkaline formula concentrate for steam cleaning, concrete, restaurant vent hoods, etc.)

Auto Wash

CE-702 Quick Rinse

(High Foam, quick rinsing, cherry scented car wash soap.)

Ultra Gold True Wax & Wax 

(Hand wash formulation that really beads water for months.)

Hog Wash

(A specialized formulation to remove road film from motorcycles without streaking.)

Carpet Shampoos

Commercial Green

(Multi-functional cleaner that will practically take any stain out.)

Sani Gold Xtract

(Deodorizing low foam carpet cleaner made for extraction machines but not limited to.)

Fast and Foamy – (Aerosol high foam concentrate.)

Carpet Dye – (Aerosol cans of easy-to-use dyes.)

Tire Dressing

Blue Luster – (Our premium oil based dressing. It will give you that mirror shine.)

Pink Lady

(Solvent Based high gloss tire dressing.)

Cinnamon Gloss

(Scented oil based tire and vinyl dressing.)

Magic Dressing

(Viscous water based rubber and vinyl dressing and protectant.)

White Luster

(water based dressing for all vinyl, rubber, and washed engines.)

Excel Tire Shine – (Body Shop paint safe non-greasy concentrate used in high volume detail shops.)


(All fragrances are concentrated and come in quart or gallon sizes.)

Oil or water based available 

Very Cherry


Natural Berry 


Baby Powder

Country Vanilla

New Car

Tropical Coconut


Cinnamon Nice

Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner – (RTU liquid for streak free cleaning of glass.)

Glass Cleaner Aerosol – (High foaming streak free aerosol for glass and windows.)

Glass Concentrate – (Glass cleaning concentrate to be diluted for economy in full serve car washes.)

Foamy Glass – (Scented liquid cleaner for removing tobacco stains and film from glass.)

Interior Dressing

PROTECH Leather Treatment – (Made with 100% imported sheep’s wool lanolin.)

White Luster – (Water based dressing for all vinyl, rubber, and washed engines.)

Magic Dress – (Viscous water based rubber and vinyl dressing and protectant.)

Falcon Blue – (Multi-purpose concentrate for cleaning automotive interiors.)


CE-38 Acid Brite – (Acid wash for wire spoke and chrome wheels.)

CE-48 All Brite – (Acid concentrate for car wash walls and equipment. Brightens aluminum diluted 10:1.)

Most products are sold from 1 gallon to 55 gallon drums

Self Serve/Automatic

Car Wash Formulations/Final Touch Chemistry

Berry Shine – (Pleasantly scented wax concentrate.)

Blue Citrus Carpet Shampoo – (Concentrate to be mixed in self-serve shampoo machines.)

Blue Magic Detergent Soap – (High sudsing formulation for self-serve high pressure soap.)

Blue Magic Tunnel Shampoo – (Extreme concentrate of foam/lubrication for tunnels and full serve.)

CW 85 Scale Remover – (Acid based car wash wall cleaner.)

Eco Blue Formula 2102 – (High pressure soap for self-serve car washes. Excellent cleaning and suds.)

Eco Foam – (Tri-color foaming concentrate.)

Extreme Green – (Excellent road film removal. Can be used as pre-soak, high pressure soap, or manual washing.)

Flux Blue – (Liquid surfactant package for Super Flux systems in car washes.)

Flux Green – (Liquid tire cleaning surfactant package for Super Flux systems in car washes.)

Foamy Brush – (Non-streaking extreme foam and lubrication for brushes. Colors of choice.)

Foamy Tire – (Tire cleaner concentrate for self-serve car washes.)

High-Glow Rinse Aid – (Extra rinse aid with extra polish.)

High Suds – (Powder for car wash. Hard water compatible for car washing by hand or high pressure.)

Hyper Clear Coat Plus – (Protectant concentrate for full serve and self-serve car washes.)

Hyper Foam Protectant – (Tri-color foam that beads water.)

Hyper Green Plus – (Lubricating scented soil removing foam for friction washes.)

IQ Detergent – Medium foam pre-soak designed for IQ Friction Automatics.

Lazer Blue Pre-Soak – (Heavily built pre-soak for all washes: automatic, full serve, and self-serve.)

Lazer Green – (Tire cleaner concentrate for self-serve and automatic car washes.)

Lazer Pink Pre-Soak – (Colored pre-soak for customer appeal in self-serve washes.)

Lazer Red Pre-Soak – (High activity of blended acids for Two-Step pre-soak in automatic car washes.)

Maxi Blue – (Super sudsing powdered high pressure soap for self-serve car washes.)

NF-311 – (Thick orange colored mega concentrate for foams, high pressure soaps, and for lubrication of automatic brushes. Highly dilutable.)

One Shot Laundry Detergent – (Alkaline liquid concentrate for towels and rags in full serve car washes.)

One Shot Laundry Detergent – (Vinegar base for window towels in full serve washes.)

Quat 44 – (Wax and long term protectant to be injected in automatic, self-serve, and full serve washes.)

Quick Dry – (Drying agent plus protectant.)

Rain Dancer – (Polymer based liquid long-term protectant for automatic and full serve car washes.)

Red Pre-Soak – (Colored surfactant for presoak in Super Flux Systems.)

Super Flux Powder – (100% active compound to be used with the Super Flux system in car washes.)

Super Tuff – (Very aggressive formulation for tires and wheels and bugs for car washes. Highly dilutable.)

Sweet Soap – (High foam additive for Super Flux System. Concentrated fragrance for customer appeal.)

Tire Cleaner Twin Pack – (Two 5-gallon pails makes 30 gallons of Tire Cleaner Concentrate for self-serve car washes.)

Triple Foam Conditioner – (High foaming colored conditioner.)

Triple Shine Protectant – (High foaming colored protectant.)

Vanilla Soap – (Super concentrate for high pressure soap additive.)

Wet Lube 207 – (Non-sliming brush lubrication and lather for friction tunnel car washes.)

White Extreme Foam & Lather – (Scented super concentrate for self-serve foamy brush and automatic car wash foamers.)

Specialty/Body Shop Products

Specialty Products / Body Shop Formulations

Brake Cleaner – (Quick drying solvent used to clean automotive brakes.)

Clay Activator 22 – (Paint safe lubricant and body clay activator for correcting painted surfaces.)

Dust Buster – (User friendly formulation for dust control in paint booths.)

Flash Rust Inhibitor – (Additive for wet seal blasting. Temporarily prevents floor rust.)

Go Green – (Wipe down solution for paint/body shops. A “Green” water based formulation.)

Graffiti Remover –(Aerosol package for convenience.)

IPA – (Isopropyl Alcohol 99%)

Methanol – (Specialty alcohol for specialty cleaning.)

Phase II Liquid Over-(Spray Masking – User-friendly, non-hazardous, quick rinsing overspray protection.)

Power Clean Parts Washer – (Industrial powder for automatic parts washer cabinets.)

Rainy Night – (Windshield washer solution that enhances clear vision on rainy nights.)

Release Agent – (Liquid overspray protectant. Zero VOC.)

Rust Remover – (Phosphoric acid soak.)

Satin Gloss – (Body shop safe rubber and vinyl dressing.)
Stainless Steel Polish – (Wipe-on liquid for
commercial kitchen hardware and equipment.)

Tar Baby – (Quick action tar remover with D’Limonene.)

WT 109 – (Highly dilutable windshield solvent that beads

WWC –(Blue windshield washer concentrate for lube shops and automotive garages. Use ¾ cup to 50 gallons of water.)

Hand Cleaners

Blue Sweet Hand Soap – To be dispensed near lavatories or industrial sinks for gentle hand cleaning. Formulated to accommodate the addition of household IPA (rubbing alcohol) for sanitary cleansing of hands.
Commercial Green Hand Cleaner – A pleasant scented gritty paste with lanolin.

Lazer Pink Hand Cleaner – Sweet scented gel for tough cleaning of hands. Can be used without water rinsing if preferred.

Quick Wash – Liquid hand soap designed for quick wash up until a heavy duty pumice hand cleaner is used.

Snow White – Fluffy smooth cream hand cleaner without pumice. Can be used with or without water. Works great on logging grime such as pine tree sap.

Cleaners and Degreasers

Commercial Cleaners and Degreasers

Blitz – (Highly alkaline formula concentrate for steam cleaning, concrete, restaurant vent hoods, etc.)

Brown Blaster – (Aggressive concentrate for high pressure cleaning.

CE-635 Industrial Detergent – Alkaline mixture formulated for degreasing hard surfaces.)

Cinnamon Soap – (Oilfield rig wash, laundry booster in oil based mud environments.)

Citra Solv – (Citrus D’Limonene formulation for “green” EPA friendly solvent cleaning.)

Commercial Green – (Multi-functional concentrate for safe multi-purpose cleaning.)

Concrete Cleaner – (Powder used to clean tough soils on concrete.)

Concrete Prep 225 – Non-corrosive acid cleaner that removes rust stains from concrete, patios, parking lots and driveways.

De-Gunk – Water rinseable solvent to safely remove grease and cosmoline from delicate surfaces.

Foaming Bleach – Formulation is designed to co-mingle with foaming degreasers to enhance foam clinging and sanitary cleaning.

Industrial Brown – Aggressive alkaline degreaser.

Kitchen Blend Purple “D” – Built with Purple “D” technology. For degreasing commercial kitchens.
Maxi Green – New technology “Green” high pressure degreasing.

Modified D’Limonene – Safe solvent for cleaning grease and oil. Readily rinses with water.

NP-38 – Non-phosphate cleaner/degreaser for painted concrete floors.

Purple D-19 – Easy rinse degreaser and cleaner for floors and other hard surfaces.

Purple Master – Super concentrate for multi-purpose cleaning. Highly dilutible.

Smokehouse Blitz – Designed to be foamed on smokehouse walls to remove charred food greases and smoke stains.

Orange D – (Additive to control odors in sewer lines.)

Marhshland Insect Repellent

Marshland Insect Repellent

User Friendly Longlasting Aerosol.

The Outdoorman’s Choice.