Love On Lock prison greeting cards were created to cater 100% to the men & women who are locked behind bars and for the friends, families & loved ones who are doing TIME with them! WE OFFER Funny, Supportive, Spiritual, Holiday, Birthday cards & more. Send a card to someone you know that’s locked up today!
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LoveON Lock Greetings provides a variety of  cards, Birthday, Holiday, Spiritual & Humorous cards. We understand that you may not always know the exact words to say when trying to convey the feelings to your loved one that they are not doing TIME alone…and we are here to help!

Instead of including only the generic Thank You, I Miss You, or Thinking of You cards, we’ve created cards that would be perceived by inmates as “written in there own words” or specifically for them. Example: our Pennies in a jar card, reads “I put some money on your books. It wasn’t much but every penny counts!” A generic card may have simply said Thinking of You, but the emphasis on using language, phrases etc specific to inmates is what we believe sets us apart!

 Our Mission is to provide a viable greeting card option to the more than 2.3 million who are incarcerated and their loved ones around the world.

Our Goal is simple, to enlighten society that men & women behind bars should not be treated as stored items, but as individuals who are loved by GOD and are still loved by US no matter how much TIME passes or how much TIME they must serve, TIME is never a reason to be forgetton

On the back of each of our greeting cards you will find our tag line:

Perfect greeting cards for a NOT so perfect situation…which is a great representation of how are customers feel!


A9 (Oversized) folded card, full color, heavy card stock, one side gloss coat.

Each card comes with a white 6×9 envelope.

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