Life Matters (H.E.B.S.) &Associates **Success Consulting Network  (S.C.N.)
& STARR Consulting Services International, LLC

Quality of Life Programs
Business, Community & Economic Development

Rev. Carl J.D. Tyler, Jr. (Doc)
Roslyn D. Tyler, C.O.O.
Founder & CEO of

•Life Matters, H.E.B.S.
•Success Consulting Network (S.C.N.)
•STARR Consulting Services International, LLC

Licensed Minister, Teacher, Motivator
Medical Research Clinical Cardiology Coordinator
Certified Stenographer Health Specialist (Non-Invasive)
State Registered (A.M.T.) American Medical Technologist
Certified Life & Job Skill Instructor
Assessment, Testing, Placement & Tracking Reports
Labor Market Specialist, Recruiting, Training & Staffing
Business Technical Assistant Consultant
Corporate & Small Business Financing
Contract Structuring, Management & Financing