letter from officers

Letter from our officers…

Hello members. 
After announcing the vote to cancel yesterday, your officers for 2012 had decisions to make concerning the year.  Our final decision stands to let this year only have 8 shows.  With this decision, we have to make some concessions on qualifying members this year.  Typically members are supposed to qualify in 5 shows of 9.  Since there will only be 8 shows we are allowing members to qualify with 4 shows.  Those in weanling halter classes only have to show in 3 shows to qualify instead of 4.    As our club voted last year not to do anymore Sunday dates, there were no available Saturday dates until mid-late December, which is not in our show year.  Therefore, as your officers, we voted as we did.  Please understand that there are a lot factors to consider when “acts of God”  (as Adrian at West Cal said they are called) force changes in our scheduled year.   Enjoy the beautiful weather if you are having it…and be thankful the storm is over.  To those of you affected by Isaac…our thoughts prayers are with each of you.   Thanks everyone for understanding and helping us to make this year the best we can.  
In Christ,
Tara Best-2012 President
Lisa Ward-Vice President
Charlotte Martin-Secretary
Terry Wade-Treasurer
Eddie Duncan-Parliamentarian