MDM Exterior Lighting

MDM Exterior Lighting is an electrical and communications company with a distinguished reputation. Whether you need help with minor interior lighting, large-scale exterior lighting or new construction, or even telephone services, we’ll help you achieve what you desire… On time and within budget.
We believe your home should reflect your personal taste and style
That’s why we spend considerable time listening to each client’s specific goals and ideas right from the start. Then we guide you every step of the way until your vision is realized. We design our lighting system with 6 key points in mind:
Our team is skilled at solving complex space and design problems
We work closely with our clients to ensure quality workmanship and pay attention to detail. Our extensive experience and creativity have led to industry recognition, and most importantly, very satisfied clients.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. MDM focuses on the beautification and illumination of your home, while adding security at night to bring peace of mind to your family.