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Copyrights, Publishing, & Royalties

An extensive look and copyrights, masters, and the process of protecting your music. This infopack also showcases the direct correlation and process of going from copyright to cash.

Copyrights, Publishing, & Royalties

Product update 3/27/18: We decided to launch “How to Be a Music Manager 101” first. This info pack is out of editing and is in graphic development. PART 2 for this series goes into text editing next and will follow into graphic editing after. Stay tuned for the update. Thanks for the patience.

An extensive look and publishing and royalties. Debunking the tales and showing how to go from splitsheet to cash. This is the bread and butter of the business. It a MUST to understand it. There is no other book that breaks it down so effortlessly using such “common language.”


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