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How To Be A Music Manager

I’m proud to present this master piece. This is the longest and most in-depth infopack to date. I went back and forth, questioning whether or not I should put this much game in written form. I concluded the following: “That’s what we started this for.” I can’t wait to see you takeover your market after reading this. This will forever change your view, tasks, trajectory, ideas, thought process, and everything that you have ever considered regarding music management. Enjoy

Some Expectations

  1. Gets you mentally prepared for the journey
  2. Breaks down the money and revenue streams
  3. Teaches the power of energy, power dynamics, and role
  4. Teaches how to find key players
  5. Breaks down various management strategies & processes
  6. Walks you through jargon and how to network as a manager
  7. Breaks down how to execute and what to execute


Music Management 101

Professional Music Management Agreement / Contract with explanation videos, outlined text and support for clarity.

  • Includes the contract in docx and pdf form
  • Also includes a paragraph by paragraph written explanation of the agreement.
  • Also includes a 1hr+ video further explaining the agreement and elaboration on why things are included, how you should think about the topics, changes you may choose to make, real life examples of contract sections, behind the scene stories and more.


Music Management 101

This is a Work for Hire agreement that works perfect for the music business. Though a little lengthy it covers ALL basis and ensures that the contract cannot be broken while also blocking loop holes that could degrade the integrity of the agreement. Perfect for producers that work with musician’, writers that work with vocalist, anyone transferring ownership to someone else, and all other popular work for hire purposes.

The Text Explanation: Comes with a paragraph by paragraph document that quickly clarifies what each paragraph is saying. Perfect for someone that understands music basics.

The Video Explanation: Comes with the text explanation and a video walking through line by line and stories about why certain paragraphs are important. Perfect for someone that wants a deep understanding or a person that would like to be transparent and watch the video with all parties involved.


Bundle Package Price 75.99

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