Copyright Registration and publishing is about protecting your music and making sure you get paid for your body of work.Copyright protects various forms of creative expression that are fixed in a tangible form. By copyrighting your music you are able to record, sell, distribute copies of your music at your request and to perform the copyrighted work publicly.



There is no better way to showcase your talent than to have your own space on the internet. We consider websites as Virtual Real Estate. A place where you can raise your brand awareness, post new music, videos and tour dates, and sell merchandise. However, the most important reason to have a website is to have a place where you can connect with your fans.


Do you need digital graphics for your social media page? Need flyers for your next event? Or do you need a logo for your brand? We offer a variety of services in the graphics, flyers and logo department.


Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

We cannot express how important as an artist or anyone in the music industry for that matter, to have an electronic press kit or EPK. EPK’s are like your music career’s digital report card. It explains how much of an impact you have had with your music starting at a specific time.


Do you have a question regarding the music business? Do you need help understanding or revising with contracts? Or maybe you just need to figure out how to get started. If so, we made this service available for you. You can now book time with Sirr Love directly! Time is available in 30 min slots. (Each min is noted as a block – so 30 blocks).


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